Georgian Weekend

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On June 2nd and 3rd, in Turandot restaurant, the Chef of Maison Dellos new project Mamiya Jojua will offer to the guests some special dishes from the ever young and easily catching Georgian cuisine.

Tbiliso… This southern city located on the rocky shores of the shrew Kura River is welcoming and joyful. On Sundays, it is filled with incredible flavors of ajapsandali and freshly baked achma… In the late afternoon, a warm breeze brings some wisps of smoke: grape vines chars are being prepared… And so the meat is being fried: a juicy mtsvadi, a melting gocha.

Tbilisi will become closer now, and very soon, a new restaurant will open its doors.

Before this event in the culinary life of Moscow, we offer July brunches in Turandot restaurant. You are welcome to enjoy special menu and workshops by our Master Chef Mamiya Jojua, who is in love with his home Georgian cuisine and happy to share that love with his guests.