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When it comes to Chinese traditions, we shouldn’t forget one of the most important Chinese contributions to the world culture, which is the tea. During the long history of China its hardworking craftsmen has created lots of varieties and types of tea, each having unique features. Age-old secrets of a proper tea ceremony passed down from generation to generation.
Unfortunately, only a few among the vast range of Chinese tea traditions reached Europe. Some tea varieties can not survive a long transporation, some of them are available in China only and have never been on sale in other countries.

We are proud to announce our decision to change the situation. Turandot restaurant has the honour to introduce our original project of unique teas collection consisting of the premium, brand and auction items.
These tea varieties are controlled outside the Chinese market and are delivered to us monthly by air as quickly as possible in order to keep all their flavor and aroma.
Our tea masters use traditional ceremonial techniques for making tea using the water which is relevant by its taste and mineral properties and taking into account all the nuances and peculiarities of each variety.

Every evening, starting from 7 p.m., tea ceremonies are held on the second floor of the restaurant. To order any of our tea varieties before 7 p.m. just ask your waiter. The collection includes as well some unique traditional Russian herbal teas of original blend.

If you want a special tea event to be organized for you, you can always pre-order it and our staff will consider all your wishes.