Turandot Winter Menu

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The Turandot restaurant is famed for its astonishing baroque-style interiors, with their unique chinoiserie galant of the eighteenth century. The luxurious architecture sets the scene for the main approach in Turandot’s cuisine – a European take on the culinary traditions of the Far East and SE Asia, alongside European dishes.

Gourmets will find exciting new dishes in the winter season’s menu. There’s foie gras of chicken or goose liver, served with cèpes mushrooms, sherry and raspberry jelly; or crudo of raw tuna, salmon or hamachi (‘yellowtail fish’ – the Japanese believe it brings happiness) with cherry tomatoes and fresh herbs, with a yuzu ponzu citrus dressing flavoured with shkivasu and shaosin Chinese yellow wine; or a Kamchatka crab appetiser with avocado, served black baguette chips, with a miso dressing and sunflower sprouts.

Another new addition to the menu is quail salad with lentils. The quail is simmered to a confit, and served on a dish with lentils and vegetables seasoned with oil of truffles. Or for a seasonal soup there’s pumpkin soup with crayfish tails, decorated with a truffle slice.
Turandot’s Head Chef, Dmitry Yeremeyev’s special recommendation is for spiced guinea-fowl stuffed with quinces. It’s slow-roasted at a temperature of just 60° for two hours, and then cut and fried in front of the diners. Or perhaps try Uruguayan beef with a nut glaze made from homemade peanut paste, to tempt our discerning connoisseurs.

Our update of the Turandot menu is just another reason to spend an evening of culinary pleasures with us.


  • Foie gras chicken liver paté – 550 roubles
  • Fish crudo – 850 roubles
  • Quail salad – 850 roubles
  • Crab salad with miso and yuzu – 1150 roubles
  • Pumpkin soup with crayfish tails – 700 roubles
  • Beef steak with nut glaze – 2600 roubles
  • Guinea-fowl (served for 2 people) – 4500 roubles