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Turandot Academy Culture and Education Programme is a result of Maison Dellos collaboration with the Institute of Art Business and Antiques, the Sisters Gogovy’s Artwin Gallery, Turandot Antique Gallery and the International School of Etiquette. Turandot is a natural choice for a culture and education programme centered around the art of savoir vivre. Built according to canons and techniques of palatial architecture, this is the one and only non-museum public space with baroque interiors filled with the valuable antiques. The Academy features such events as studies in decorative arts, hands-on dining sessions focused on European etiquette, chamber concerts of classical music and workshops delivered by experts in the art market. These activities contribute to the unique character of the place where the Antique Gallery has been already in place for quite a while, and the Gallery of the Modern Art has recently opened, thus, creating the perfect balance between the form and content in the gallery space.

Blurring the boundaries between the art studies and socializing, Turandot Academy aspires to loftiest art ideal and follows an example of the Italian and French Baroque academies, Burlington Club of Fine Arts and Maniasco Society in London, fathers-founders of World of Art Group and Zubov Institute of Fine Arts in pre-revolutionary Saint Petersburg.

According to Andrey Dellos plan, Turandot has always been something more significant than just restaurant with posh interiors. True luxury is indivisible from the haute culture. Following the Gallant Century motto, “Enlighten through entertainment”, the Academy suggests that we consider the history of culture through the history of luxury and fascinating decorations of Turandot Palace – an institution that is gradually evolving into an interactive culture centre. The newly released programme would definitely be of interest both to intellectuals and high-society public and help the Academy return luxury its true value. We are convinced that this project would facilitate the restoration and further development of social culture traditions in Russia.

Lectures, workshops, discussions, seminars and concerts held at the Academy, are open to public. Tickets and season vouchers for particular events are available for everyone. Advance registration for the Academy events is COMPULSORY.


Tel: +7 (903) 968-33-82
E-mail: academia@maison-dellos.com







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