New Summer Menu

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Dmitry Yeremeyev, the Head Chef at the Turandot Restaurant presents a new summer menu that mixes bright colours with exciting and unusual flavour combinations. Among the summer dishes are tender carpaccio of marbled beef; tuna in a Pan-Asiatic dressing; summer prawn and pomelo salad; and crab salad with lemon balls. There are hot appetiser dishes to tempt you, including vegetable spring rolls, cuttlefish in a green tempura, and lamb hotpot. If the weather takes a turn for the worse, we have a hot soup for you – Veal Tom Yam with a fruit salsa and mushroom sauce.

We look forward to seeing you!

Cold appetisers
1. Tuna in pan-Asiatic dressing (890 roubles)
2. Carpaccio of marbled beef (790 roubles)

1. Prawn and pomelo salad (680 roubles)
2. Crab salad with lemon balls (1680 roubles)

Hot Appetisers
1. Cuttlefish in green tempura (790 roubles)
2. Lamb hotpot (580 roubles)
3. Vegetable spring rolls (490 roubles)

1. Tom Yam hot soup (460 roubles)
2. Crab Gazpacho (890 roubles)

Main courses
1. Veal with a fruit salsa and mushroom sauce (1680 roubles)