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Turandot is a truly unique restaurant concept which continues traditions of the court festival culture.

Turandot offers a unique synthesis of the past and the present, reality and fantasy, modern cuisine and the spirit of chivalry feasts.

The fantasy palace with numerous authentic objects keeping the memory of the past centuries is the only example of a modern decorative building where architectural principles and techniques of the Absolutism Period were revived.

Like an alchemist’s pot where a broth is brewed of the rarest, most expensive and symbolic ingredients, Turandot incorporates the most valuable achievements of restaurateur business from its origins to the present time. We would like our unique space to be perceived as a lively, vibrant place rather than a decorative art museum. We would want it to resemble a real palace of the past.

Bringing to mind luxury pursuits of the distant past, Turandot’s interiors, dominated by the late Baroque influence (the Chinoiserie Style – the most festival among all palatial styles) serve as a framework and an architectural analogue of the designer menu where the European and Asian cuisines are naturally integrated.