Fast days in “Turandot”

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It is not that easy to come up with delicious and various dishes during the Lent!
However, the Turandot’s chief Dmitry Eremeev has prepared a special menu for those who intend to keep the Great Lent.


Appetizers and salads:
Artichoke terrine – 490rubles
Avocado tartar – 470rubles
Green salad with veg spring rolls – 560rubles

Cucumber Sushi Roll – 390rubles
Avocado Sushi Roll – 390rubles
Vegetable Sushi Roll with cherry flavor – 580rubles

Creamy pumpkin soup – 790rubles
White mushroom soup with shiitake – 675rubles
Miso soup with tofu, mushrooms and algae – 290rubles

Hot dishes:
Quinoa with mushrooms and broccoli – 580rubles
Baked eggplant with chili and garlic – 680rubles
Vegetable Wild Rice – 370rubles
Vegetable tempura – 657rubles

Pineapple sorbet with raspberries and blackberries – 490rubles
Panna cotta with molecular strawberries – 530rubles