Dim sum festival

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All this May, «Turandot» restaurant will be having dim sum festival! On May 1-11, on the Champagne Terrace (Treillage Terrace) of «Turandot» restaurant, we will serve a tasting set of the most delicious and brightest dim sum as a welcome gift to every guest!

Dim sum has always been one of the most important signature dishes of «Turandot» restaurant. Our dim sum chef Sun Luigi (or Jason in European manner) comes from China, Jiangxi Province, Nanchang city. He has worked in many famous hotels such as Haier Inter Continental Hotel Qingdao, Jumeirah Group in Dubai, and in the well-known Hakkasan restaurant.

According to Jason, the art of dim sum preparation lies in the following: «First of all, it is important to have intimate knowledge of the ingredients and to know how to create a variety of flavours by combining different materials.

I believe that the most important thing is, obviously, that I really love and I feel quite enthusiastic about my work, preparation of Chinese dim sum. There, not only taste and combination of various ingredients is important, but also a variety of dish forms and decoration»

At present, «Turandot» restaurant offers more than 23 types of dim sum.

«100 colours» platter consists of 9 dim sum types: dumpling with shrimps and bamboo shoots, syumai with chicken and shiitake mushrooms, dumpling with celery and chicken, dumpling with roast duck and pumpkin, dumpling with shrimps and seafood, dumpling with crab meat, dumpling with shrimps and corn, dumpling with shrimps and cuttlefish in black bean sauce, dumpling with vegetables.

«Turandot» platter consists of 4 steam dim sum types: dumpling with shrimps and bamboo shoots, dumpling with perch and ginger and onion sauce, dumpling with coriander and corn, as well as syumai with scallops.

«Turandot» crunchy dim sum includes 3 dim sum types: crumbly pie with beef and truffle oil, mushrooms ball and pumpkin and roast duck ball.

Moreover, there is vegetarian dim sum with carrot and daikon.

For brunches we are happy to offer: dim sum with fresh shrimps and fruit sauce, «cristal» dim sum with corn, dumpling with spinach, colorful beef syumai (5 colors), as well as assorted dim sum for kids.