Cosmic brunches in Turandot

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Turandot restaurant carries on the tradition of weekly family brunches – every weekend we offer a special menu to our guests.

“Cosmic brunches” are waiting for you on April 16th-17th, in Turandot.

Zero-gravity effect and levitation are ensured by a special menu from our Chef Dmitry Eremeev: “cosmic” food, cosmic photo studio and acoustic immersion to the childhood dreams. For those who want to turn into an astronaut for a moment, we offer “star” cocktails, “moon” burgers, Caesar salad with a cosmotubed sauce, light sorbet in nitrogen and a very tender mango mousse. All in all, we have everything required for the mission of the astronauts-to-be. We have developed a special program for kids, which includes thematic workshops and children animation.


LeGrandBrunch – 8900 rub.
Banquet brunch – 5900 rub.
Brunch with alcohol – 5200 rub.
Brunch without alcohol – 4350 rub.
Kids brunch – 1450 rub.