Celebrate New Year at Turandot

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On New Year’s Eve Turandot will turn into the legendary Seven Kingdoms and will host an unforgettable feast of ice and fire. Dear guests will have to run away from the White Walkers, cross The Last River and hide behind the Wall, where they can celebrate the New Year safely together with the First Men, Hill Tribes, Ironborn and Northmen. Best artists from the King’s Landing, musicians from the Storm’s End and photographers from the Reach will gather at the celebration. John Snow’s and Theon Greyjoy’s favourite singers – Valeriy Meladze and Svetlana Loboda – will meet the New Year with everybody, as well as famous ‘Luxury Cover Band’ where Tyrion Lannister is rumored to perform. The Turandot interior, costumes and accessories are inspired by the TV series ‘Game of Thrones’ in association with an online service Amediateka.